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1052 Valetta Westerfield Road Valetta Canterbury 7771
1052 Valetta Westerfield Road Valetta Canterbury 7771

FARMGEM ATLAS for sale $94,900

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Price NZD $94,900
Listing Type New
Stock Number S24
Refcode TA904653
Tractor Connection Trailed
Tank Capacity - l 4400

The Atlas has a stylish design which provides one of the lowest centres of gravity in its class enabling a or 3300 or 4400 litre capacities without compromising stability. The heavy duty steering axle has both leaf-spring and air-bag suspension to further enhance stability both on the road and in the field. The steering axle is controlled by a technically advanced steering sensors and a machine slope sensor ensure accurate steering and minimum headland damage and safe maneuverability. A Delta 80 auto rate control system with operator joystick to control the seven section spray sections is also standard. The "Series 3" boom offers widths out to 28m and all boom movements are controlled by electro hydraulics via operators joy stick. The "Series 3" boom can be folded and operated at half width (e.g 24m boom fold to 12m). Nozzles and stainless steel spray lines are fully protected within the boom structure, and a multi-directional 2m break away tip protects against accidental damage. The boom also has tilt correction and boom lock as standard features and the booms can also be specified with independent variable geometry and independent outer boom fold. They are manufactured using a highly durable "lattice style" construction from 3mm & 5mm thick high tensile steel which is then treated with a protective oven baked powder coat finish. Every moving joint on the boom is secured with stainless steel pins which a tab secured to prevent excess wear, each joint also has a greasing point. The "3D" active suspension system controls boom bounce, incline and yaw providing a very stable platform for the spray nozzles, the bounce suspension remains active when the boom is in its transport position.

FarmGem Atlas trailed sprayer.

3300lt polyethylene rota moulded tank c/w remote drain
300lt clean water rinse tank c/w rota flush tank rinse nozzle
20,21 or 24 metre SERIES 3 self-levelling hydraulic folding boom
Electro hydraulic control of boom height, fold, tilt & Independent variable geometry
Self-levelling suspension and proven anti-yaw suspension
300 litre/min Bertolini 6 cylinder diaphragm pump
40 litre polyethylene chemical induction hopper c/w Arag ergonomic control valves
Delta 80 control terminal - Automatic application rate controller
8.4 colour screen
DGPS guidance c/w Agstar receiver (OPTION)
Joystick control of boom movement functions & 7 section spray section control
Operator control station with manual 5 way control valves
Stainless steel 19mm spray lines
Auto recirculation prime and purge system
Triplet nozzle bodies c/w 1 set of fan nozzles
Suction self-fill c/w 6m hose and filter
Storage locker and hand wash facility
Hydraulically operated parking stand
Heavy duty axle with combined leaf spring and air suspension system
AXLE-Trak auto steering axle system
slope/tilt sensor
340/85 R46 wheels with hydraulic brakes
LED Road lighting


4400lt tank

  • DGPS EGNOS guidance and auto section control (Agstar receiver)
Seletron auto individual nozzle control (must also order *)
Additional Seletron width (per metre)
Auto Boom Levelling 2 ultrasonic sensors
Auto Boom Levelling 4 ultrasonic sensors
Independent outer fold
28 metre boom
12/24/30,32,36 metre Tri Fold boom
Additional spray section (maximum 9)
Wash hose reel and brush
Night LED work station and boom work lights
Other wheel sizes
Colour/night vision reversing camera

$94,900.00 plus GST with standard specifications.

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Used 2017 FarmGem - Diamond 24m trailed sprayer with 3300 ltr tank. Very tidy one owner machine that has done 7,900 hectares, recently had the diaphragms replaced in the pump.

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The Innovator Trailed Sprayer offers our customers on a budget a machine with a 24 metre boom. Although it has a few less features than the Pioneer series it retains a high quality finish and robust build strength. The "Series 3" two stage folding boom offers widths of 18, 20, 21, 24 or 28 metres. These booms have "3D" active boom suspension, the "3D" active suspension system controls boom bounce, incline and yaw providing a very stable platform for the spray nozzles, the bounce suspension remains active when the boom is in its transport position, protecting the boom when travelling over rough farm tracks and roads. Although no tracking systems are available on the Innovator, an adjustable rigid drawbar is fitted as standard. The Innovator is still packed with many quality features as standard such as Bravo 400S LT auto rate controller with 5.7" colour screen, finger-tip electro hydraulic boom control, 210lt/min self-priming diaphragm pump, dry sight gauge, clean water flushing system, auto recirculation prime and purge system, triplet nozzle bodies, self-fill with quick connect fill hose and filter, axle track width adjustment, hydraulic braking, 340/85 R38 wheels, road lighting, adjustable mudguards and of course the FarmGEM three year construction warranty. The farmer can then customize the Innovator to suit his individual needs by choosing from the extensive range of optional features such night LED work station and boom lighting or DGPS guidance and auto section control.

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Willowbrook Machinery
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The Pioneer Trailed Sprayer supersedes the Diamond FarmGEM's most popular machine! Specified with a 2500 or 3000 litre (3300 max) tank and the proven "Self-Trak" drawbar, it is perfect for use for vegetable crops where the precise wheel tracking is key to oil seed rape where the smooth under belly and 600mm + clearance is important. It is packed with features as standard, many of which make the operation of the Pioneer much easier and efficient for the operator. For example we designed the first "Self-Trak" drawbar over 20 years ago and it has evolved over the years to the unique and reliable version offered today which requires no complicated electronics, hydraulics, sensors or control from the operator!

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